Pennine Fell Runners

Winter Handicap 2018/2019


Saturday 27th OctoberLittle Hayfield, Lantern Pike Jim Trueman
Saturday 17th NovemberGlossop, Queen's Ian Warhurst
Saturday 1st December Hayfield, Sportsman Roland Strube
Saturday 15th December Tintwistle, The Bull's Head Stefan Bramwell
Saturday 5th JanuaryHayfield, Scout Hut Elaine Fleuriot, Ian Wolfendale
Saturday 9th FebruaryBleaklow and Hope Woodlands, The Snake Will Meredith
Saturday 23rd FebruaryWildboarclough, Crag Inn Noel Curtis
Saturday 9th MarchBoar's Head, Higher Poynton Dave Jones

The following conditions apply to the Handicap Series –
1. Best four out of the eight races to count.
2. Races will start from 10.00 unless stated otherwise in the event information.
3. Start lists will be circulated by the Wednesday preceding the race.
4. ANY criticism, overt or implied, of your start time made BEFORE the event will result in five minutes being added to it.
5. It would be appreciated if all competitors could make a voluntary contribution of £1 per event to defray expenses for map duplication