Pennine Fell Runners

Pennine Winter Handicap Series 2019/2020
Race 1 – Saturday 26th October

Venue – East end of Shepley Street (045948) Organiser – Ian Warhurst

Start venue – East end of Shepley Street (045948).

Checkpoint 1 – 072947 – Large pile of rubble just above Shelf Benches.

Checkpoint 2 – 080948 – Aircrash memorial below summit of James’ Thorn.

Checkpoint 3 – 076956 – Stream below Dog Rock.

Checkpoint 4 – 057954 – Stream in Shittern Clough.

Checkpoint 5 – 059961 – Cock Hill trig column.

The above checkpoints may be visited IN ANY ORDER YOU WISH.
At each checkpoint there will be a stake and a punch, punch your map in the squares provided.
Approximately 6.5 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing, depending on your choice of route.
Starts from 10.00
Maps, at a scale of 1:19000, will be provided – please bring a poly bag for your map as it will be doubling as your control card and will need to be kept in reasonable condition. A voluntary contribution of £1 towards map production and duplication expenses would be appreciated. Park along Shepley Street but NOT in the bus turnround at the east end.