Pennine Fell Runners

Pennine Winter Handicap Series 2018/2019
Race 1 – Saturday 27th October

Venue – Lantern Pike Inn (034882)      Organiser – Jim Trueman

Start – Lantern Pike Inn (034882)

Checkpoint One – 025881 – Depression west of Lantern Pike summit.
Checkpoint Two – 037843 – Foot of Bigstone crag.
Checkpoint Three – 051862 – Wall corner at the north end of the Dragon's Back ridge.
Checkpoint Four – 052873 – Gate on bend at west side of track.
Checkpoint Five – 050883 – South-west corner of building next to shooting cabin.

Checkpoints must be visited in the order given.

At each checkpoint there will be a stake and a punch, punch your map in the squares provided.

Approximately 7.5 miles with 630 metres of ascent

Maps will be provided – please bring a poly bag for your map as it will be doubling as your control card and will need to be kept in reasonable condition. A voluntary contribution of £1 towards map production and duplication expenses would be appreciated.

Parking is VERY restricted at the Lantern Pike, hence please combine for transport, if possible, or, preferably, walk or cycle in if you live near enough