Pennine Fell Runners

Pennine Winter Handicap Series
Race 5 – Saturday 4th January

Venue – Hayfield Scout Hut (034871)     Organisers – Elaine Fleuriot/Ian Wolfendale

There are eight checkpoints which MUST be visited in the numerical order given.
At each checkpoint there will be a stake and punch – punch your map in the appropriate square.

Checkpoint One – 031882 - Over footbridge at wall end.
Checkpoint Two – 027888 - Wall junction.
Checkpoint Three – 016904 - King's Clough Farm – stile over footbridge.
Checkpoint Four – 020921 - North-west corner of plantation.
Checkpoint Five – 014909 - Hollow below weather station.
Checkpoint Six – 012893 - Footpath/road junction.
Checkpoint Seven – 025881 - Depression west side of Lantern Pike summit cairn.
Checkpoint Eight – 030881 - Gus's well.

About 8.5 miles long with something like 1340 feet of ascent

Maps will be provided and, as ever, a poly bag to cover them would be advisable as they double as your control card.
In view of the time of year it would be very advisable to carry a headtorch and mobile phone as well as appropriate spare clothing.
Elaine and Ian have booked the Scout Hut again and will start the festivities with a couple of pans of soup, some bread rolls and REAL butter but they hope that as many people as possible will help out with soup, bread (preferably home-made), cake, beer and other sundry items.