Pennine Fell Runners

Pennine Winter Handicap Series
Race 6 – Saturday 9th February

Venue – Rambler Inn, Edale (122854)     Organiser - Will Meredith

Note - change of venue. The new venue will be the Rambler Inn at Edale at GR 122854, which will be the start and finish point BUT the landlord, while welcoming our custom, doesn't want the whole of his carpark taken up on a Saturday with our vehicles and has asked that we park on the large area at the top of the lane immediately before the station bridge on the west side. It's free and only a couple of minutes' walk from the Rambler.
However, he has given permission for Dave's van to be parked in the Rambler carpark, so that's where the event will start and finish.

1 - 102863 - path/stream junction by wall in Crowden Clough.
2 - 118877 - stream junction above edge path.
3 - 135882 - path/stream junction on Blackden Edge.
4 - 132871 – north-west corner of wall junction on Rowland Cote Moor.
5 - 117871 - stream junction below Grindsbrook path.

Optimum route is about 8 miles with 1662 feet of ascent
Maps will be provided and, as ever, a poly bag to cover them would be advisable as they double as your control card.
In view of the time of year it would be very advisable to carry a headtorch and mobile phone as well as appropriate spare clothing.