Pennine Fell Runners

Pennine Winter Handicap Series
Race 8 : Saturday 9th March

Venue – White Horse, Disley (GR 975845)   Organiser - Dave Jones

There are seven checkpoints, which may be visited in any order you want.

At each checkpoint there will be a 1" square metal tag with a number stamped on it (the number is stamped on twice but you only need to write it down once); you write the number in the appropriate square on your map.

As a 1" square tag is not very big there are, on the reverse of the map, precise descriptions of exactly where at the checkpoint you'll find the tag.

The optimum route is about 8.5 miles, with around 1,200 feet of ascent.

You will need to bring a pen/pencil to write down the numbers and a poly bag to keep your map in legible condition.

A word of warning. There are lots and lots and lots of these tags scattered around the Park, so make sure you're at the right place before you write the tag number down – and your answers WILL be checked when you finish.

In view of the time of year it would be very advisable to carry a headtorch and mobile phone as well as appropriate spare clothing.