Pennine Fell Runners

High Level Routes

Some Example High-Level routes

High-level routes often involve some off-path running either across or around parts of the Kinder plateau. They can be taken at any time of year if the group consider the conditions are suitable based on their skills and experience.
Therefore, it is important to understand where a group is planning to go before you join them on a Thursday night so you can be sure you have suitable kit and experience for the route involved.
We have included a map and a description which can be accessed using the links below.

Sandy Heys, the Downfall & Kinder Low

A Thursday night classic, this route goes up Sandy Heys, along the edge path past the Downfall and along to Kinder Low Trig.
There are a number of possible variations but the core route is 13.4km (8.4 miles) and 630m climb with a high point of 633m. Almost a third of the run is above 600m.

Map and route description: Downfall PDF
GPX file:Downfall gpx

There are a large number of other high level routes that may be taken on a Thursday night. For example, we might go out past Mermaid's Pool, up to Sandy Heys trig then over to the Northern Edge and down to the aircraft wreck. There is quite a bit of off-path running on this route.