Pennine Fell Runners

ATHLETIC VESTS (Sleeveless - featherweight) Old style (Running Bear): £12. Latest style (Wasp): £15.50

SHORT SLEEVED VESTS (featherweight) Adult Sizes: £18.75 Junior Sizes: £15.40

LONG SLEEVED VESTS (normal weight) Adult Sizes: £19.80

Anyone wanting to purchase kit should contact

In stock, we have a variety of sizes of vests (sleeveless, long-sleeved and short-sleeved). There are still some old style vests available at the original price.

Please state your chest size in inches, but be aware that the sleeved vests are looser than the sleeveless vests. If we don't have your size in stock, you may add your name and requirements to the next order. Orders take around 6 weeks, and can only be sent when we have sufficient numbers to satisfy the manufacturer's requirements.