Pennine Fell Runners

Mid Level Routes

Some Example Mid-Level Routes

Typically, these routes will go up towards the edge of Kinder but generally descend rapidly from their highest point, rather than staying up high for any length of time. We have included a map and a description of each of these routes which can be accessed using the links below.

Lantern Pike, Mill Hill & Leygatehead Moor

Going out over Lantern Pike, up to Mill Hill and back by Leygatehead Moor is around 14km (8.75 miles) with 500m climb. The top of Mill Hill is at 544m.
The route down Leygatehead is on a small trod, which is quite indistinct at the start, so, if in doubt, you may prefer to descend the main path down William Clough.

Map and route description: Mill Hill PDF
GPX file: Mill Hill gpx

Famine, South Head & Edale Cross

This route goes out along the Dragon's Back, over Famine & South Head, drops down the small trod to the Sett Crossing and up to Edale Cross, before coming back through the fields. It's around 12km (7.5 miles) with 540m climb and a high point of 541m, although the route does not stay this high for long.
The run can be easily extended from Edale Cross to include Kinder Low Trig making the route 13km (8.1 miles) with 620m climb and giving a high point of 633m.

Map and route description: Sett Crossing PDF
GPX file: Sett Crossing gpx