Pennine Fell Runners

Summer Series 2 - Thornsett - Results

PositionNameStart timeFinish timeTime taken
1Dave Ward11.1012.421.32
2Sue Richmond11.1012.431.33
3Paul Bennett10.4012.161.36
4Matt Pink11.1012.501.40
5Tim Ruck10.3012.141.44
6Matt Dumenil11.0012.491.49
7Paul Rowland10.4012.311.51
8Alistair Stephenson10.1012.021.52
9Sam Monteath10.3012.221.52
10Graham Smith10.3012.231.53
11Lisa Bloor10.0011.541.54
12Rob Taylor12.3014.261.56
13Anna Wildman8.3510.341.59
14Ron Rees10.3012.312.01
15=Elaine Fleuriot10.1012.152.05
15=Ian Wolfendale10.1012.152.05
17Yvonne Williams10.0012.072.07
18Geoff Briggs10.0012.212.21
19Alan Brentnall9.3511.592.24
20Paul Filby11.0013.382.38
21Richard Scottney10.3013.082.38
22Will Meredith11.3014.102.40
23Roger Ashby9.5513.083.13

Dave W also takes an early lead in the Series, with Matt Pink and Tim Ruck in second and third, after the first two races.