Pennine Fell Runners

Where We Run

Running from Hayfield means there is a wide choice of possible routes available depending on the conditions. The map below shows the majority of our training area. You can download a copy as a PDF here Annotated Map
Please also have a look at this small selection of example routes as these will give you an idea of the type of running that we do. Our training page has more details of what to expect if you come along on a Thursday.

Low-Level routes: Often used on a Thursday night by groups looking for a relatively short run if conditions are such that they don't want to do anything higher or longer.

Mid-Level routes: Typically, these routes will go up towards the edge of Kinder but generally descend rapidly from their highest point, rather than staying up high for any length of time.

High-level routes: May involve some off-path running either across or around parts of the Kinder plateau. They can be taken at any time of year if the group consider the conditions are suitable based on their skills and experience.

Therefore, it is important to understand where a group is planning to go before you join them on a Thursday night so you can be sure you have suitable kit and experience for the route involved.