Pennine Way Issue 6.


Pennine Way Issue 6.
It’s that time of year again. Unbelievable it’s only 12 weeks to the end of the year which means a new Pennine Way is needed. Hopefully you should know the sort of thing I’m after. Race reports, big runs, little runs, climbing and cycling adventures. Unusual pastimes, photos, action or group pics are always welcome. Everything that’s been sent to me has been used. The closing date for submissions will be New Years Eve and hopefully it can be available a week later. My email is mark dot fermer @ gmail dot com. looking forward to a flurry of replies. Regards Mark.

Steve’s Coast-to-Coast Cycle Ride

Steve Bowker has asked me to  post details of his forthcoming Coast to Coast cycle ride in support of Stroke charities on the Pennine Blog.

Below is a copy Steve’s page explaining the whole thing (click on it for a better view), and below it is a link to Steve’s flyer.

It may be worth pointing out that it is not possible to accommodate people on the whole three day ride now, unless they are totally self- sufficient, but Steve is happy to get support from anyone willing to ride along (slowly), for a day.

SB C2C 1

SB C2C Flyer

Trigger Bus – 2016

Ok, it looks like I’ve been arm-twisted into driving the Hayfield mini-bus for the Trigger (2016).

I’ve booked the bus, and going off the posts on Facebook I have the following names so far:

Nic Barber
Andy Holmes   (paid)
Pat Barry   (paid)
Digby Harris
Barny Crawshaw
Ian Mills
Tim Horrocks
Mark Cliff
Dave Ward   (paid)
Bruce Owen
Dave Soles
Steve Knowles   (paid)
Claire Aspinall
Lee Langdon
Will Meredith
Dan Riley

If you want to book a seat, post on here. I’ll add pricing details etc. later…

It’s probably going to cost £5 each if we fill the bus. I’ve paid up front for the bus – so the money is all payable to me. As soon as you like!

That’s it – full!

Winter is a coming!

I have a couple of totally unused bargains here if they happen to fit your tyre size.
£20 for either the chains or the socks.

Halfords snowchains (cost £80-90).
Fits: 155/70R12, 165/70R12, 145/70R13, 155/70R13, 165/60R13, 175/60R13, 145/70R14.

Autosock 580 (cost £50+).
Fits: 165/55R16, 165/65R15, 165/70R13, 165/70R14, 165/70R15, 165/80R13, 175/55R15, 175/60R14, 175/60R15, 175/65R14, 175/65R15, 175/70R13, 175/70R14, 175/75R13, 185/50R16, 185/55R15, 185/60R15, 185/60R15, 185/65R13, 185/65R14, 185/70R13, 195/45R16, 195/50R15, 195/50R16, 195/55R14, 195/55R15, 195/60R14, 195/65R13, 195/70R13, 205/60R14

Pennine Way Issue 5.


Firstly I would like to thank  all the contributors to the previous issue. all items were gratefully received and everything sent in was published. For the newer members The Pennine Way is our yearly journal written for and by Pennine folk. I am going to put this same message on our facebook page. As it’s a closed group I will put a link to issue 4 so you can see how it looks. It’s an electronic format as shown and ideally it should be in a magazine form. If any new members have got the software and technical skills to create a magazine please get in touch.

Here are a few ideas for the sort of thing we are looking for:

Pennine Profiles: A very popular item has been a short questionnaire of about 6 or 7 questions I send out to 4 people. The Pennine Way is only for our club members and won’t be plastered over the t’interweb.They are running based questions. I’m not asking  for your bank details or anything personal. Mind you if you DO want to give me your bank details I’d quite like a new bike.

Race Reports: Local races,national races,international races. Tell us about it.

Big Runs: Bob Graham, The Ramsay Round, Paddy Buckley, The Wicklow Round, let us know.

Little Runs: Have you had a long term injury and enjoyed your first tentative run out?

New Members: New to the club? Introduce yourself.

Juniors: You are  important members of the club. Have you bagged your first mountain? Or tell us about a race or a handicap  you’ve done.

Recipes: I don’t want it to turn into mumsnet but do you have any pre/ mid/ post race or run cake, soup or drink recipes? Personal bests, medals and stunning views are great but let’s be honest it’s all about the cake isn’t it?

Cyclists: Been out on your bike recently? Tell us all about it.

Unusual Hobbies: Do you have a strange pastime? Anything like Mr Joddrells’ banana classic would be brilliant.

Photos: All photos are welcome especially any Thursday night group photos, action shots or a nice landscape photo. I’ll try and use as many as I can.

Blasts from the past: Any ahem senior members do you have any old results or Pennine documents of interest?

These are just a few ideas to be going on with. All items will be gratefully received. Please could you send in your articles in files that I can open!

It’s not a Booker prize or a Nobel prize competition so don’t be intimidated, have a go!

If you could send me your articles by 1st January 2016 I will try to get it out within the week.

Looking forward to an avalanche of replies.

Regards Mark.





RAB Mini Mountain Marathon, August 29th

John Williams thought he’d like to share this rather amusing story about his experience at this recent Keswick-based event (but he couldn’t work out how to use the Blog!)

At the end of these navigation events, the debrief is always full of ifs and buts. Mine, after the latest round of the RAB Mini MMs was, shall we say, amusing, and is shared here, in the knowledge that the days are shortening, and it is a long time till Christmas, with no bank holidays to lighten the mood.

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