Pennine Way 7

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The Pennine Way Issue Seven.
It’s that time of year again, time for a new edition of the club journal, The Pennine Way. For the benefit of newer members of the club, an annual journal is produced at the end of the year for the Pennine membership. It is produced along the lines of Fellrunner magazine only our version is a PDF document published online for Pennine members only. We have race reports, captain’s yearly reports, results of club events like the baffler, Sandy Heys TT and relays etc. We have excellent stories of Mountain Marathons, epic bike rides, walks, mini interviews with club mates, tales of yesteryear and loads of photos. If you are able to contribute anything from a single photo to an article it would be greatly appreciated. Everything sent in will be used.

On a sad note we recently lost a dear clubmate Alan Kirk. I would like to do a tribute to Alan. If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, even a few lines, or a photograph it would be most welcome.

Looking forward to a plethora of emails at mark dot fermer at gmail dot com
The closing date for submissions is 1st January 2018.

Regards Mark.

Pennine Way Issue 6.


Pennine Way Issue 6.
It’s that time of year again. Unbelievable it’s only 12 weeks to the end of the year which means a new Pennine Way is needed. Hopefully you should know the sort of thing I’m after. Race reports, big runs, little runs, climbing and cycling adventures. Unusual pastimes, photos, action or group pics are always welcome. Everything that’s been sent to me has been used. The closing date for submissions will be New Years Eve and hopefully it can be available a week later. My email is mark dot fermer @ gmail dot com. looking forward to a flurry of replies. Regards Mark.

Pennine Way Issue 5.


Firstly I would like to thank  all the contributors to the previous issue. all items were gratefully received and everything sent in was published. For the newer members The Pennine Way is our yearly journal written for and by Pennine folk. I am going to put this same message on our facebook page. As it’s a closed group I will put a link to issue 4 so you can see how it looks. It’s an electronic format as shown and ideally it should be in a magazine form. If any new members have got the software and technical skills to create a magazine please get in touch.

Here are a few ideas for the sort of thing we are looking for:

Pennine Profiles: A very popular item has been a short questionnaire of about 6 or 7 questions I send out to 4 people. The Pennine Way is only for our club members and won’t be plastered over the t’interweb.They are running based questions. I’m not asking  for your bank details or anything personal. Mind you if you DO want to give me your bank details I’d quite like a new bike.

Race Reports: Local races,national races,international races. Tell us about it.

Big Runs: Bob Graham, The Ramsay Round, Paddy Buckley, The Wicklow Round, let us know.

Little Runs: Have you had a long term injury and enjoyed your first tentative run out?

New Members: New to the club? Introduce yourself.

Juniors: You are  important members of the club. Have you bagged your first mountain? Or tell us about a race or a handicap  you’ve done.

Recipes: I don’t want it to turn into mumsnet but do you have any pre/ mid/ post race or run cake, soup or drink recipes? Personal bests, medals and stunning views are great but let’s be honest it’s all about the cake isn’t it?

Cyclists: Been out on your bike recently? Tell us all about it.

Unusual Hobbies: Do you have a strange pastime? Anything like Mr Joddrells’ banana classic would be brilliant.

Photos: All photos are welcome especially any Thursday night group photos, action shots or a nice landscape photo. I’ll try and use as many as I can.

Blasts from the past: Any ahem senior members do you have any old results or Pennine documents of interest?

These are just a few ideas to be going on with. All items will be gratefully received. Please could you send in your articles in files that I can open!

It’s not a Booker prize or a Nobel prize competition so don’t be intimidated, have a go!

If you could send me your articles by 1st January 2016 I will try to get it out within the week.

Looking forward to an avalanche of replies.

Regards Mark.





Trigger Photos 2015

Trigger 20150080

Here are my photos of today’s race, the Marsden to Edale fell race or the Trigger. I wasn’t entering the race but  spent all week watching every weather forecast hoping it wasn’t going to be too severe. My photos were taken from just below Black Hill where the wind was quite gusty. After sitting in wet snow for half an hour my hands were freezing. Luckily my warm car was only a short run away.

Ex Penniner Adam Perry had a 40 second gap over second place at this point. It was hard to see who was who with most runners wearing full kit. Who is the Penniner in photo number 20150074 with the balaclava on? Sorry you are a blur Lisa  but you were just going too fast! Well done to all who took part. Here is my link. Regards Mark.

The Pennine Way Issue 4.

The Pennine Way Issue 4.

edale 009.jpg

As time marches relentlessly on, another year looms on the horizon. New year means another edition of the Pennine Way,the Pennine annual newsletter.Issue 3 was quite overdue, but I would like to get Issue 4 back to  being published at the start of the year.

    Firstly please could I ask if anyone is able to tidy up, proof read and generally make the journal look as professional as possible.If it can’t be put into print form at least it would look better than my sausage fingered attempt. There will be a “Pint for the fella… Glass of white wine/ fruit-based drink for the lady!”,. Continue reading



Levers water and Coniston.png

Photo by Dougie Nisbet.

Coniston fell race is the second of six races in the English championship and also a Pennine champs race.An AM race of 8.7 miles and 3494 feet or 14 km and 1065 metres if you are under 20 years old.

       Hurrah it’s a clear day and it is actually possible to see where you are going. The RO said at the start, that the village of Coniston had recently had 70 days of consecutive rain.Funnily enough Coniston features in this months edition  Country Walking magazine and apparently it was part of Lancashire until 1974.( I’ve got a big pile of old  CW magazines if anyone wants them, if not I’ll bring them along one Thursday night). Continue reading

Coniston car share.

Hi all, Ian Wolfendale has asked me to post a car sharing request on the blog.

On Saturday it’s the next counter in the Pennine championship at Coniston, and there is a good number of Pennine in the starting list. If you fancy car sharing please can you contact Ian or leave a message on here.

Unfortunately I don’t get up to the Lakes very often so I’m driving up early on my own to make the most of the day and maybe take some piccies.

See you on Saturday.