In praise of Vests

I like vests. For running in, not underneath my T-shirt – that’s what thermals or a beer jacket are for.

They’re colourful, they provide something to pin your number on, they ensure you know who to give the best water and Jelly Babies to when you’re supporting at a big race and you’re not sure who everyone is.

I have several vests.

My Pennine Vest is very good. The shoulder straps are a bit skimpy, but this is ultra-lightweight. It just means I need to remember to sun-cream myself properly in the summer. Needless to say I have often finished a race with big red patches.

Skimpy vest has many admirers.

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Season’s Greetings – The Pennine Christmas Day Run

Photo by JoBo

Photo by JoBo

It was Christmas Day in Hayfield … and there were loads of Pennine runners out and about on the hill. The weather, which, thirty minutes before we set off, had looked distinctly savage, took a benign turn to welcome all the runners and, at a few minutes past ten o’clock, the festive group hit the track up to the shooting cabin.
The new Pennine Blog header picture, courtesy of Zoe, says it all. Bearded Santas, dogs, alcoholic tipple – you name it – we were a party on the move.
On the summit of The Knott, we met up with Helen, Rae and Katy, and, from there, we descended to Park Hall, passing Jim in Little Hayfield, and Mel and Jane on the way up to Lantern Pike, where we just caught Andy, Lis and others celebrating Harry’s Birthday.
What a cracking day – thank you everybody for the run and the great company.
(Furthest I’ve run for months!!)

Blog News

Do you like the new Header photo? It’s a very atmospheric picture of Chadwick’s Cabin taken through the cotton grass by Mark Fermer, our “Pennine Way” editor. It’s great to get different pictures by different photographers, and I welcome all contributions!

If you’re a Facebook fan, you will find that Pat Barry has now set up a closed group called Pennine Fell Runners. This was the result of a suggestion at the recent AGM – go and have a look, and see if you fancy joining.

At the AGM, we agreed to add V60 categories to the Pennine Championship. We are also introducing three new sub-categories based upon race length. There will be a Short, a Medium and a Long championship, and you will be graded in each of these based upon the aggregate of your best three scores in each length. However, to spread the trophies to a wider group of runners, you can only win one of these categories at the end of the year if you are not placed in the main Pennine Championship and if you are not already a winner in a longer sub-category.

Christmas Day

The Knott Xmas 2013Just gone ten on Christmas morning and Hayfield is slowly waking up. The ducks eye the stream speculatively as, one by one, Pennine runners meet in the Royal car park and wish one another Happy Christmas. What looks like a very small group gets bigger and bigger until we have no less than eleven of us (twelve if you include Graham’s dog) all set for a run in some amazingly un-Christmassy, sunny weather. Continue reading

Annual General Meeting

It’s that time of year again.
I’ve booked the Dining Room in the George for Thursday November 28, and it will be available from 8pm. The meeting won’t actually start until 8.30pm, but it would be good if folk could try to get there early so they can get their drinks and settle in and we will be able to start promptly.
The committee members are all busily writing their reports, and, as soon as I have received all these, I’ll send out a detailed agenda as usual. The more we can read in advance, the quicker we’ll get through the formalities.
Most of the committee will be standing again in 2014, but one or two have decided to take a well-earned rest, and we’ll be thanking them for their efforts, and looking for new blood to replace them.
We currently need a Training Co-ordinator, a Journal Editor and a Long Distance Co-ordinator. While you are more than welcome to stand for any of the committee posts, if you think you could fill any of these particular posts, you would really be helping the club.
Lastly, now is also the time to let me have any motions or discussion items you would like to bring up at the meeting.

Cycling Tops – Update – Last Orders.


I’ve submitted the art work to Champion Systems so hopefully in the next few days will have the green light to put the order in.

Below are the orders I have so far.

If I have missed you off the list or I’ve put the wrong size down please let me know.

Gary Fleet and Karl Tiffany could you confirm size/cut and short or long sleeve.

Mens short sleeve race cut S.
Dave Ward
Rich Seipp
Mark Burton
Rick Air

Mens short sleeve race cut M.
John Jodrell
Mark Williams
Steve Knowles
Alan Kirk
Richard Topliss

Mens short sleeve race cut L.
Mike Noble

Mens short sleeve club cut size S
Dan Sims

Mens short sleeve club cut size M
Mark Pursell
Nic Barber

Mens short sleeve club cut size L
Will Meredith
Paul Booth
Mike Munnely
Jason Stott
Matt Hall

Womans short sleeve race cut XS
Elaine Rose

Womans short sleeve race cut S
Alexis Dinsmoor

Mens Long Sleeve Race Cut Small.
Stefan Bramwell
Ian Wolfendale
Darren Dunn

Mens Long Sleeve Race Cut Medium
Rich Seipp
Mark Cliff
Paul Hills
Steve Grace
Dave Ward
Gus French
Dan Sims
Larry Day

Mens Long Sleeve Race Cut Large
Tim Horrocks

Mens Long  Sleeve Club Cut Small
Alan Brentnall

Mens Long Sleeve Club Cut Large
John Jodrell
Gus French
Richard Topliss
Muir Morton


IT’S HERE… The all new one-piece sports apparel – IT’S THE PENNINE ONESIE.

Yes, you too can be the envy of the fells in this must-have one-piece. A sports-casual must have piece of kit, whether as all-in-one post-race recovery wear, as an outer layer on chillier race days or just looking cool for those hot nights out on the town when nothing else seems to fit. The PFR Onesie ticks the box, soft, luxurious, practical and sartorial. Made from space age cosmonaut technology we worked closely with ex-russian scientists to create a 90% polyester and 10% nylon mix (do not tumble dry).


What are people saying?

I love the way my Onesie feels against my skin. It’s soft, comfortable and doesn’t chafe my bits like some of my other kit. I’ve hardly been able to take it off, whether out for a run on the fells or down the pub, this Onesie really turns heads. It does it all, not only are my race times faster but my love making skills have vastly improved – Thanks Onesie‘. John, Cale Green, Stockport.

AVAILABLE NOW – Also available with all-new mudclaw sole.


Jodrell Thanks

Daz 1Hello all, for those who haven’t seen it, I’ve attached a photo of the Darren Holloway trophy for ‘most improved runner’. Lovingly crafted by those creative geniuses down at Jodrell Industries in Thornsett, I’m sure Daz would have approved. It has taken pride of place in my bulging trophy cabinet alongside the four cans of Guinness I won for coming 88th at the Llanghynhafal Loop!

Thanks to all those involved for another great Pennine dinner.

On a different note, a good turn out at the Lads Leap this morning, despite the grim conditions (is this the muddiest race in the calendar?). It was good to see my old sparring partner Paul Hills, out on the hill today, albeit marshelling. He’s looking worryingly fit since his enforced lay off and I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s back in the fray.

PFR Strava Club.

Paul Booth mentioned to me that apparently Pennine have a “club” on Strava.

For those who haven’t encountered Strava yet, it’s an online community where athletes can upload their training via a smart phone app. or GPS.

Strava then compares this data against what you’ve done before and against other people who’ve done the same run, cycling(and other sport’s) segments.

It’s a bit of fun competing against others to get the best times KOM awards.

It’s also a god way to keep track of what training you’ve done.

Oh, and if motivation is lacking the emails telling you what your friends have been up to may give you the kick up the bum you needed.