Trigger Bus – 2016

Ok, it looks like I’ve been arm-twisted into driving the Hayfield mini-bus for the Trigger (2016).

I’ve booked the bus, and going off the posts on Facebook I have the following names so far:

Nic Barber
Andy Holmes   (paid)
Pat Barry   (paid)
Digby Harris
Barny Crawshaw
Ian Mills
Tim Horrocks
Mark Cliff
Dave Ward   (paid)
Bruce Owen
Dave Soles
Steve Knowles   (paid)
Claire Aspinall
Lee Langdon
Will Meredith
Dan Riley

If you want to book a seat, post on here. I’ll add pricing details etc. later…

It’s probably going to cost £5 each if we fill the bus. I’ve paid up front for the bus – so the money is all payable to me. As soon as you like!

That’s it – full!

List of banned runners

A few of us have received this from Carl Bedson. I thought it was worth sharing…

Helping Sikobe, Herod Farm Race Organiser, we enquired of Nick Harris, who kindly shared the FRA Database of banned runners.  Please see below.   Indeed this list does not reflect particularly well on some of our own local runners. Continue reading

Trigger Photos 2015

Trigger 20150080

Here are my photos of today’s race, the Marsden to Edale fell race or the Trigger. I wasn’t entering the race but  spent all week watching every weather forecast hoping it wasn’t going to be too severe. My photos were taken from just below Black Hill where the wind was quite gusty. After sitting in wet snow for half an hour my hands were freezing. Luckily my warm car was only a short run away.

Ex Penniner Adam Perry had a 40 second gap over second place at this point. It was hard to see who was who with most runners wearing full kit. Who is the Penniner in photo number 20150074 with the balaclava on? Sorry you are a blur Lisa  but you were just going too fast! Well done to all who took part. Here is my link. Regards Mark.


imagespAs kids we used to come to Penmaenmawr on holiday and on camping weekends. I hated it, for two young Salford lads it was about as bad as it got, cold,wet,smelly, nothing to do and no other kids to play with. The worst bit though was the hills, massive steep things we were forced to march up everyday. Our kid had a special name for them ” The big fu***rs”
The irony isn’t lost on me then as 40 years later I pay my £10 to run over those vey same hills for this, the 40th runing of the Penmaenmaw fell race. Continue reading

Turner Landscape 2014

Looking towards Grey Friars.  Tom and Olivia Bush in the foreground.

Looking towards Grey Friars. Tom and Olivia Bush in the foreground.

Turner Landscape is a 10.8 miles, 3,000ft race in the Duddon valley which was first run in 2011. That year, 11 people took part. This increased to 31 in 2012 but then numbers exploded in 2013 to 261 thanks to the fact that it was an English Champs race.

This year, it was hard to predict how many would turn up. I guessed it would be more than 2012 but I made sure I knew the route backwards just in case I spent the whole race alone due to a lack of competitors! Me and Ian (Wolfendale) had penciled this one in at the start of the season because it really is a classic in the making. The route starts in the fields next to Turner Hall Farm (hence the name), goes past the Rucksack Club’s High Moss hut and on to the Walna Scar Road which we follow up to Seathwiate Tarn. From there it climbs to Grey Friar and continues to Swirl How, Coniston Old Man, the West side of Dow Crag and White Pike. A classic Lakeland round if ever there was one and one that holds a little more interest than both Fairfield and Kentmere by virtue of it always seeming to have more tops to visit than you think. Continue reading