Monday Run

Most Monday nights I drop my son off at Army Cadets in New Mills, then I head over to Hayfield for a run I usually get to the Car Park just before seven and I run until about 8:30 Anybody care to join me? send me a text or email to confirm I will be there. I have only missed a hand few in the past 4 months.

Joint Mynydd Pennine Meet

Steve Bowker has asked me to bring everyone’s attention to this:-



O.K., you may have heard the rumours but here’s the plan –

As active friendly outdoor clubs we’ve shared the same pub now for several years, while one or two members of our clubs have even been known to climb as well as run on occasions, so here’s the opportunity to fit it all into one sociable weekend. Continue reading

The Bogtrotters – Can you help?

Alison received the following email the other day. Can any of you assist John in his search?

In connection with an enquiry I received last week I had cause to look-up the Bogtrotters on the internet. After ignoring folk singing in Sale, recently formed groups for Mountain Bikers and other misleading directions my eye was caught by an item in your organisation’s PFRnewsletter7. Continue reading