Haworth Hobble 2015 ~32miles ~4,800′

hobble 3

Second time round on this one, it seemed a bit quieter this year; there was to be no delayed start like we encountered in 2014 with its late flurry of registrants.

Once more we assembled on the High Street ready for the typical low-key start – we only knew the race had kicked off when the people in front of us started moving!

The front end of the race was typical of most of the race – gradual climbing, in the “should I be running this or fast walking it?” mould – the only major climbs stand out as the two stage ascent up Stoodley Pike, the climb out of Hebden Bridge and again up past Hardcastle Crags – but the 4,800′ definately add up and let you know they are there. Opting for neither a run nor a walk – but a bimble – I cracked on. Continue reading

Trigger Photos 2015

Trigger 20150080

Here are my photos of today’s race, the Marsden to Edale fell race or the Trigger. I wasn’t entering the race but  spent all week watching every weather forecast hoping it wasn’t going to be too severe. My photos were taken from just below Black Hill where the wind was quite gusty. After sitting in wet snow for half an hour my hands were freezing. Luckily my warm car was only a short run away.

Ex Penniner Adam Perry had a 40 second gap over second place at this point. It was hard to see who was who with most runners wearing full kit. Who is the Penniner in photo number 20150074 with the balaclava on? Sorry you are a blur Lisa  but you were just going too fast! Well done to all who took part. Here is my link. Regards Mark.


On The Pennine Way

It started as a throwaway comment on some Christmas Facebook chat with a couple of mates but very quickly it became a vision and an aspiration. We had somehow sleepwalked into attempting to run the Pennine Way in 5 days.
We were mountaineering pals from student days in the 90s; Simon and Adrian had also foresaken serious pre-parenthood climbing for the odd spot of cragging augmented by a lot of running and cycling. Simon and I had done many Mountain Marathons together (which is how I got into fell running 10 years ago) and he and Adrian had done some of the longer southern trail races such as the Neolithic Way. We know each other well and aren’t afraid to mock/encourage/support where (in)appropriate. Continue reading

Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge – July 5th 2014

Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge – July 5th 2014

I had my first attempt at this run back in 2009 when I was a spritely 50 year-old.  Unfortunately I wasn’t really that spritely; it was at the start of my ankle problems and the training hadn’t gone well.  To cut a long story short, I missed out on the 12 hour limit by about 3 minutes, but Ian Warhurst had found the strength to keep going strongly at the end and finish with about 10 minutes to spare. Continue reading

How to spot a turnip at 30 paces – and other Haworth Hobblings

If you don’t know your Mankinholes from your Lumbutts (one of those involves a shot of Jura and a doughnut), then this is the race for you.

As this is ostensibly a walking event (aka the Wuthering Hike), our start time was 8am, which necessitated a 5.45 pick up to make our way over to God’s own country. Four of us packed into Stefan’s car for the journey.

As our respective metabolisms warmed up (and the car windows went down), the ice was well and truly broken between us. Conversations around crystal meth and corporate fraud soon followed and before we knew it we were in Haworth, where we arrived just after 7.20 to find the queue for registration stretching out into the car park. It would be a late start. Continue reading

High Peak Marathon 2014 – “Just popping out for some bread dear…”


Photo by Ian Winterburn EverythingOutdoors https://www.facebook.com/OutdoorNavigation

As most of us know, the originators of the HPM set about about finding the longest, roughest course in the Peak District and holding it overnight in the depths of winter. Put like that, it doesn’t sound like fun but it’s still oversubscribed year in year out.

Hanno and Colin’s entry for “Just Popping Out For Some Bread” successfully made it through the lottery but through injury and illness, none of the original team actually made it to the start line. Instead, the assembled team consisted of Larry Day, Paul Booth, Mark Cliff and myself. Mark had completed the course before, as had Larry (five times no less) but Paul and I were HPM virgins. Continue reading

The Trigger 2014 – Eventful race this year!

Here we go again. Another early morning alarm call on a very cold morning to get to Hayfield for “The Trigger” bus. Bit different this year as I left my car at New Mills Station and then four of us continued onto Hayfield in Geoff’s car. The Cricket club is such a nice start venue, great atmosphere in side and warm as well. Chatted to quite a few people then outside to drop off the bag. Chatting to IanW outside I find out about another route change so that we will not be going down the road but instead a little cut through directly from the start field. Continue reading

Joss Naylor Challenge

I’ll be having another crack at the Joss Naylor Challenge on Saturday 21st September.  For those who aren’t familiar with this challenge run, it was instigated by the great man himself specifically for over the 50s.  The run involves starting at Pooley Bridge, crossing 30 summits and finishing outside Joss’s house, at Greendale Bridge in Wasdale, 77km (48 miles) and 5200m (17000ft) of ascent later.  Oh yes, and I only have 12 hours to do it in.  (Someone pointed out to me last week that it’s like 2/3 of a Bob Graham in half the time!)

Continue reading