Pennine Handicap Race 7 – Boars’s Head – Final Race

Pennine Handicap  – Race 7 – 14 March 2015
Reports by Dave Jones

Race 7 – Seniors
Nineteen courageous runners arrived, most of them early, to face the daunting challenge of navigating round Lyme Park and environs and the car park was occupied with people on the pub seats and in cars working out their favoured routes before their start times. The Solicitors, who had apparently spent large portions of the week endlessly scouring the area for small metal tags could probably have just gone round the corner and quietly entered the answers on their maps but, being men of honour, they didn’t. Continue reading

Pennine Handicap – Race 6 – Lantern Pike

Pennine Handicap – Race 6 – 28th February
Reports by Dave Jones

An eager horde of twenty-six runners descended on the Lantern Pike for Jim’s excellent and cunning route, where the navigation between the points was definitely of less importance than how you got out to them and back from them, although, judging from the conversation in the pub, Fairvage Clough provided several pauses for thought.

Continue reading

Pennine Handicap – Race 4 – Wildboarclough

Race 4 – Wildboarclough – 03 January
Reports by Dave Jones

Noel produced an interesting and very good route – weather to match would have helped as it was universally wet; underfoot, in the air, on the vegetation and on some people’s maps. This made the  going slower than it would otherwise have been but it wasn’t cold, so although twenty-one very damp runners arrived back at the Crag Inn no-one appeared to be unduly uncomfortable. Continue reading

Pennine Handicap – Race 3 – Tintwistle

Race 3 – Tintwistle – 13 December
Reports by Dave Jones

Well, Simon’s Handicap did indeed turn out to be quite interesting.
The weather was decidedly odd – temperature inversions and thick mist in the Tame and Goyt valleys but beautiful, clear sunshine higher up augured well until from somewhere the mist rolled over the top of the moor and compasses and navigation became the order of the day, resulting in some unplanned route diversions and a certain amount of wandering.
Richard Scottney’s trusted companion of a compass chose the day to refuse to point to north, which led to some discussion between himself and George and although they emerged to within a whisker of where they intended there was an air of wonderment as to how this had been achieved. Continue reading

Pennine Handicap – Race 2 – Sportsman

Race 2 – Sportsman – 22 November
Reports by Dave Jones

Roland’s first venture into Handicap production proved to be most enjoyable and very successful indeed. The route had several route choice dilemmas, demanded careful navigation here and there and a fair bit of climbing whichever routes people chose and it was blessed with a good day BUT with mist on the top, which added to the fun!! Continue reading

Pennine Handicap – Race 1 – Glossop

Race 1 – Glossop – 25th November
Report by Dave Jones

Senior Report
A good start to the Series as twenty runners assembled on a day that was considerably wetter and cloudier than the forecast indicated, which caused a few navigational issues on the top. Tim’s initial foray into handicapping produced a commendably close set of finishing times for a first go at it, which augurs well for the rest of the Series.
Anna Yeadon had a superb run to come in first with a blistering descent off Shire Hill keeping her ahead of the fast-finishing Muir Morton and the wily experience of George Scott, who took second and third places respectively – all three of them finished within a minute of each other ! Continue reading

Pennine Handicap – Race 8 – Boar’s Head

Race 8 (Boar’s Head – 29th March) and Overall Series

Reports by Dave Jones

Senior Report
Ah well, I assume the dread term “navigation” and the lack of recceing opportunities were responsible for the fact that only twelve people turned up on a beautiful Spring morning to brave the terrors of the challenging and precipitous terrain around Lyme Park but those twelve appeared to have had an enjoyable and interesting time sorting out the best route choices and had a good run out as well. Continue reading

Lantern Pike Handicap: Saturday March 1st

The Pennine Handicap series comes back to the more familiar surroundings of Kinder on Saturday 1st March. To make the event even more familiar the route will be the same as last year: exploring Harry Hut, Mill Hill, Kinder’s Northern Edge, and the bar of the Lantern Pike. Roughly 8 miles and 2,000 feet of ascent.

Last year’s race was won by a fine local athlete in peak condition- but who may have been aided by a little more opportunity than most to recce the route. To even things up this year attached is a plot of my intended route. I can’t guarantee it takes the best lines, but it worked last year.

Start/Finish: The Lantern Pike
CP1: Track/Path Junction 043887
CP2: Top of Stream Bed 047907
CP3: Stile 22. 074901
CP4: North side of wall, 50m South of edge path. 069895

See you all there!

JimJim’s Handicap