Jura Thoughts

Casement Quote


Alas – this year we were missing from Jura yet again, but, after the last fallow year, I was hardly up for it! From the results I see there was a good Pennine presence, and some fine performances too!

At the very time you were running over the Paps, Alison and I were cycling the very hilly road which skirts the cliffs of Fair Head, across the waters over in Antrim, and, just above Murlough Bay, we came across this, an excerpt from a letter by Roger Casement to Elizabeth and Gertrude Bannister, written the night before he was executed in Pentonville Prison.

Unfortunately, although it was a dry and sunny day, the distances were not clear – we could just about make out the gloomy bulk of Kintyre, but not the “keen and clear” peaks of Jura.

(N.B. the  reference to “Benburb” is a ballad written by Casement commemorating a battle fought in 1646 during the aftermath of the Irish Rebellion.)

Jura Fell Race – Available Entry


I’ve had to take the difficult decision to give up my entry for Jura this year. This is mainly down to logistics and finance; I just can’t incorporate it into my holiday plans in a cost effective way and taking into account the fact that the schools don’t break up until the day before the race.

If anyone wants my place, it looks like the organisers will allow substitutions prior to race day (subject to their discretion and a completed entry form).

Please let me know if you would like my place.


Jura Fell Race Travel Arrangements

Looking at the Jura entry list, there appears to be a few Pennine folk going up for the race. I was (probably belatedly) looking at ferry bookings and it appears that there are no spaces left on the Kennacraig to Islay Ferry on the Friday or Saturday (unless I’m doing something wrong).

This is the start of a week away in the van so we were hoping to spend a few days on Islay/Jura but it looks like we may be limited to being foot passengers on Nicol’s boat from Tayvallich.

What is everyone else doing? Have you booked? Should we organise something? Or have I just left it too late?!

Jura Training: The Kinder Five

According to The Mudge stiff walking up Munros is perfect Jura training.  But how do you scale a Munro from the Peak District in less than 5 hours?

This bite-sized version* of the Kinder Dozen climbs around 4500’ over 11miles. Just look at those contour lines! The linear route covers plenty of rough ground around the southern edge without needing to cross the big black bog on top.

Kinder Five Route

Despite the contour lines, Roger Ashby, Rich S and I really enjoyed the route.  Even if you aren’t training for Jura, it’s a superb ‘off piste’ run through great scenery over a lesser known Peak District Munro.

George Scott recommends doing TWO rounds of his handicap route as Jura training – maybe I’ll think about that one for Sunday?

*Many other bite-sized variations are possible.  E.g. we could quite easily have added another steep climb and a couple of miles by first heading northeast to Druid’s Stone via Edale YHA from Edale station.

A walk on the wild side of Jura

Next time you’re on Jura (as all red-yellow-and-black-blooded Penninis are destined to be!) why not take your leave from the Paps for a while and take a walk on the wild side?   The wild west coast earns its wild reputation because it’s uninhabited by humans, only accessible by foot or boat and the nearest shop is over 25 miles away.

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