RAB Mini Mountain Marathon, August 29th

John Williams thought he’d like to share this rather amusing story about his experience at this recent Keswick-based event (but he couldn’t work out how to use the Blog!)

At the end of these navigation events, the debrief is always full of ifs and buts. Mine, after the latest round of the RAB Mini MMs was, shall we say, amusing, and is shared here, in the knowledge that the days are shortening, and it is a long time till Christmas, with no bank holidays to lighten the mood.

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This is my article that Dan published in the Pennine journal, I wanted it to appear on the blog as well to help support the Highlander and promote this brilliant event more widely…..

image: handsonevents

It’s 7am on a freezing Sunday April morning and I’ve just forced my protesting limbs out of the cramped confines of a two-man tent. I stand shivering in my damp footwear and winter running gear not far from the shore of flat grey Loch Maree, under the unseen silent gaze of Slioch. I’m half-heartedly jigging on the spot to try and keep warm. My eyes are mere slits peering out over the top of my merino buff. The buff is there partly to keep warm and partly to preserve my anonymity so I don’t have to conjure up a smile or a few words for any of the other runners until I’m sure my mouth parts have woken up. The cloud level has come down to about 50m, light swirling snowflakes are being blown in on the northerly wind. I reassure myself that this whole thing was a daft idea, I just need to get today over with and I can chalk it down to experience. Optimism isn’t my forte this early in the morning but from this starting point things can only get better; we’ve just got to navigate our way 15 miles more through the wilderness and we’ll be back at Kinlochewe where this all began 24 hours ago! Continue reading

The LAMM 2012

Lee & Jules at the Prize Giving

Here’s a round up of Pennine performances in the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon. The LAMM event centre was on the Tyndrum-Oban road in Glen Strae (just before you get to Ben Cruachan). The weather was good overcast running weather with the odd shower on the Saturday (great running weather) but deteriorated into deluge from late Sunday morning. The late spring also meant that the overnight camp saw one of the worst midge feeding frenzies that I or anyone else on the camp had ever seen. Continue reading