Lingmell Dash

I’m having a problem with the Stats for the PFR Champs following Lingmell Dash. The results are on the Wasdale MRT website at but they are difficult to read, some runners’ names are missing, and some are entered twice.

If you were at the 2015 Lingmell Dash race, please can you let me know who was running and the finishing order (if possible).

At the moment I have Jane Mellor, Nic Barber Barber, Ric Houghton, Dave Soles (twice – different times), Steve Watts, Ron Rees and Rob Taylor. No sign of Roger Ashby or Paul Hills, and there may be others who were running but who are unlisted.

NB in split races like this I usually factor women and men together for the champs using the recorded times – could be difficult for this one!!!!

Flower Scar Report – First English Champs Counter

Holly at Flower Scar - Photo Courtesy of

Holly at Flower Scar – Photo Courtesy of

7th March and the English Championship races are back; boy, it’s been a long winter!

A total of 27 Pennini’s travelled to Todmordon to contest Flower Scar, one of the short counters for this year’s championship. Just under half of those met in the Royal car park at 8.45 to make the journey in the Hayfield fun bus, expertly piloted by Ian Wolfendale. Spirits were high as we made our way over to the Calder Valley (although, mercifully, no singing) with the prospect of some good results for the club. After a winter of solid training for our established stars and a successful recruitment drive bringing in some top talent, we had high hopes of getting the year off to a good start. And so it proved. Continue reading



Levers water and Coniston.png

Photo by Dougie Nisbet.

Coniston fell race is the second of six races in the English championship and also a Pennine champs race.An AM race of 8.7 miles and 3494 feet or 14 km and 1065 metres if you are under 20 years old.

       Hurrah it’s a clear day and it is actually possible to see where you are going. The RO said at the start, that the village of Coniston had recently had 70 days of consecutive rain.Funnily enough Coniston features in this months edition  Country Walking magazine and apparently it was part of Lancashire until 1974.( I’ve got a big pile of old  CW magazines if anyone wants them, if not I’ll bring them along one Thursday night). Continue reading

The Pennine V40 assault on the English Championships 2014

A message from the V40 Co-Ordinator

Following Rocket Ron’s rousing clarion call to the V50’s, I thought I’d better do the same for the V40’s (although perhaps without the impressive vocabulary of our resident sesquipedalian orator!)

The V40’s had a storming year last year, finishing fifth in the English Championships and 10th in the British Relays. With our ranks being swelled by a number of strong runners recently turning the big 4-0 and those already 40-something simply getting better with age, there is no reason why we can’t build on last years results and aim for a top three finish in the English Championships.

Ron has already listed the Championship races and getting good numbers at each one will be key to racking up the points.

It’s a good time to be a Pennine Fell Runner so let’s get out there and make our mark!

Stefan Bramwell
07811 167 381

2014 Championship Races

V50 Captain Rocket Ronaldo Rees has asked me to post this…

Clarion call to all MV50’s.

Lay down your seasonal drinking horns, ease up on the dumplings, use the extra weight you’ve gained over Yuletide as training ballast, (tennis players attach lead weights to their ankles!), get into gear, and let them mercurial wings on your ankles take flight.

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IMG00037-20130727-1400Featured in the photo  (taken by the mightlily encouraging Paul Hills at the summit of Blisco) is our heroic mentor Roger Ashby who’s having quite a cracking season by winning the MV70 category in the Kinder Trog and setting a new MV70 record for the course at the same time.  Also I understand being the first MV 70 at Jura earlier this year and therefore becoming  the most mature male ever  to complete the race….. and just last week end coming 2nd MV70 in the English Championship  Pike o’ Blisco race.  Just keep on truckin’ Roger !

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