Kinder Downfall Photos 2013


Well that was fun wasn’t it? This Downfall race is one many people won’t forget in a hurry. As I was running up to my photo position I met two walkers coming down the hill shaking their heads saying it was far too windy on the plateau to go walking. Mind you the Downfall looked magnificent from White Brow with the water shooting into the air, apparently it was like running through a car wash.

It was good to see Paul back on the hills again, well done. I’ve not seen the results yet but Christoper and Adam were keeping well in touch with the Dark Peak leader.

Here is the link to my pictures, sorry if I missed anyone but trying to stay upright and take photos involves multi tasking. Cheers Mark.

Photos from Kinder Downfall

Hi all, heres a few photos that my daughter, Jemma, took today.