Winter is a coming!

I have a couple of totally unused bargains here if they happen to fit your tyre size.
£20 for either the chains or the socks.

Halfords snowchains (cost £80-90).
Fits: 155/70R12, 165/70R12, 145/70R13, 155/70R13, 165/60R13, 175/60R13, 145/70R14.

Autosock 580 (cost £50+).
Fits: 165/55R16, 165/65R15, 165/70R13, 165/70R14, 165/70R15, 165/80R13, 175/55R15, 175/60R14, 175/60R15, 175/65R14, 175/65R15, 175/70R13, 175/70R14, 175/75R13, 185/50R16, 185/55R15, 185/60R15, 185/60R15, 185/65R13, 185/65R14, 185/70R13, 195/45R16, 195/50R15, 195/50R16, 195/55R14, 195/55R15, 195/60R14, 195/65R13, 195/70R13, 205/60R14

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