RAB Mini Mountain Marathon, August 29th

John Williams thought he’d like to share this rather amusing story about his experience at this recent Keswick-based event (but he couldn’t work out how to use the Blog!)

At the end of these navigation events, the debrief is always full of ifs and buts. Mine, after the latest round of the RAB Mini MMs was, shall we say, amusing, and is shared here, in the knowledge that the days are shortening, and it is a long time till Christmas, with no bank holidays to lighten the mood.

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Joss Naylor – 5th September??

Bit of a long shot – a friend of mine (Simon Harden, V55 Buxton AC) has trained up to have a bash at a 15 hour JNLC a week Saturday. This is the only time he can fit it in this year and unfortunately it clashes with the last English Champs race on the 6th – so I’m out and so are quite few others. If anyone would like to do a leg or 2 with Simon please let me know soonest, cheers, Rick

Zoë Procter’s Paddy Buckley round (24 hours and 2 minutes)

This was my second attempt at the Paddy Buckley round, having aborted half way round five weeks prior due to really bad weather, and I wanted to give it one last go this summer while I was still fit and psyched. The route is 62 miles over 47 peaks in Snowdonia, North Wales. It covers over 8500m of ascent (28,000 ft) and has only been done by about 130 people.


Leg1: Capel Curig to Nantmor (6:05)

I started at 11 am on Saturday 15th August 2015 from Capel Curig with David (who I met for the first time) and Will (who had been having a go on our last attempt and will be doing it solo soon with an overnight bivy). The weather was sunny with a pleasant fresh breeze and all went to plan up Moel Siabod and then over the grassy, bog-hopping rolling terrain before the Croser quarries and the half-way point of the first leg, just over 3 hours in. Experience had taught me to break this long leg into two legs and the same was done with food and water and runners. Mary and Heather were waiting for us after some yoga and snoozing and the large team of us speeded along to Moelwyn Bach and up and down and up to Moelwyn Mawr and then across to the formidable Cnicht, and the long descent into the first support station at Nantmor half an hour ahead of schedule. Continue reading

Lingmell Dash

I’m having a problem with the Stats for the PFR Champs following Lingmell Dash. The results are on the Wasdale MRT website at http://www.wmrt.org.uk/2015/07/lingmell-dash-results/ but they are difficult to read, some runners’ names are missing, and some are entered twice.

If you were at the 2015 Lingmell Dash race, please can you let me know who was running and the finishing order (if possible).

At the moment I have Jane Mellor, Nic Barber Barber, Ric Houghton, Dave Soles (twice – different times), Steve Watts, Ron Rees and Rob Taylor. No sign of Roger Ashby or Paul Hills, and there may be others who were running but who are unlisted.

NB in split races like this I usually factor women and men together for the champs using the recorded times – could be difficult for this one!!!!

Pat’s BG Comments

I did the Blackpool Marathon back in April 2009 and afterwards I decided I had enough of road running – I needed to find something different. To cut a long story short within a month I was out on a Thursday run with Pennine up Lantern Pike on a relatively quite evening as a lot of people were travelling up to Jura. Not long afterwards there was great excitement on Thursday night that went way above my head but from what I could work out somebody had done a long run, which I assumed was a race. Dave Bowden explained that it was not a race but a personal challenge, I was still none the wiser. (Who would that have been 2009?) Sometime later my brother in Dublin asked me to order a book about hill running for him as the postage to Ireland was too expensive. You guessed it Feet in the Clouds. Well I had to read it before bringing it back to Ireland at Christmas. The seed was sown! I knew it was not practicable back then, I was just too new to fell running and my family was too young. I decide that I would wait until my 50th year when two of the three kids would be in secondary school and that would give me more time for training. I was partially happy for it to be a long way in the future as I was a bit (a lot!) scared of the amount of training. But over the past few weeks as the day drew nearer I was starting to get a bit scared of the training finishing, what would I do afterwards! Continue reading

Jura Thoughts

Casement Quote


Alas – this year we were missing from Jura yet again, but, after the last fallow year, I was hardly up for it! From the results I see there was a good Pennine presence, and some fine performances too!

At the very time you were running over the Paps, Alison and I were cycling the very hilly road which skirts the cliffs of Fair Head, across the waters over in Antrim, and, just above Murlough Bay, we came across this, an excerpt from a letter by Roger Casement to Elizabeth and Gertrude Bannister, written the night before he was executed in Pentonville Prison.

Unfortunately, although it was a dry and sunny day, the distances were not clear – we could just about make out the gloomy bulk of Kintyre, but not the “keen and clear” peaks of Jura.

(N.B. the  reference to “Benburb” is a ballad written by Casement commemorating a battle fought in 1646 during the aftermath of the Irish Rebellion.)

Pat’s BG Attempt July 4th.

Leg 1   Robin, John Doyle

Leg 2  Ian Warhurst, Larry Day

Leg 3  Geoff,   Colin, Bruce Owen?

Leg 4  Ian Warhurst, Mark Pursell, Lucy

Leg 5 Larry Day?


Previously I made a couple of announcements about having a BG attempt on July 4th. As announced on Facebook I was up there over the weekend for a reasonably successful reccie of the entire route. It was a serious eye-opened realizing the enormity of the task but also knowing that I managed the two days pretty OK which has given me a lot of confidence. It was weather/arranging to meet my bother that stopped me doing leg 2 and achieving what I had hoped to do.

I have to get serious about arrangements for the day now. I have had a few verbal offers of leg support, thanks for that, but I really need to start locking people down so that I know who I will have on each leg.  While I got around the four legs OK over the weekend by following a GPS trace off the internet it is just too slow and not accurate enough to pick up the good lines.

I need to know who I will have on each leg, especially somebody with good knowledge of the route on each of the first three. When I have numbers I can then start to identify what transport arrangements I need.

Can people add comments below saying what legs they would be available to support on.


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List of banned runners

A few of us have received this from Carl Bedson. I thought it was worth sharing…

Helping Sikobe, Herod Farm Race Organiser, we enquired of Nick Harris, who kindly shared the FRA Database of banned runners.  Please see below.   Indeed this list does not reflect particularly well on some of our own local runners. Continue reading