Pennine Fell Runners

Pennine Winter Handicap Series 2021/2022
Race 1 – Saturday 23rd October

Venue – Sportsman pub, Hayfield (044867)
Organiser – Ellie Johnstone

The Handicap Series kicks off with Ellie’s intriguing event from the Sportsman and takes us again over some very familiar ground on the west side of Kinder and while most of the points are easy to locate there is a huge variety of possible choices of routes.

Recces, for those navigationally challenged, temperamentally insecure or who just LOVE running round the west side of Kinder, are permitted but just for the fun of it Ellie has asked that the route details will be only sent out the day before the event itself.

There are five checkpoints, which may be visited in any order, and at each checkpoint will be a stake/punch for you to punch the appropriate box on your map.

As your map will double as a map and a control card PLEASE ensure you have it safely and snugly contained in a poly bag or map case.

The optimum route, if there is indeed such a thing, is about 7.5 miles with 1930 feet of ascent.