Pennine Fell Runners

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Geoff sends out a weekly news email to the club so everyone can keep up to date with the latest results, upcoming events and races. The latest email is available here newsletter

We're always happy to copy this to non-members who run with us, so please contact Geoff to be added to the mailing list.

Joining the mailing list will ensure you don't miss out on our Thursday night special events run throughout the year.

Runner versus Bike: held twice a year, usually in April and late August, you can choose to run or cycle. Slower runners and bikers get a head start on the more competitive ones.

Mini-Trans Pennine Relay: the highlight of the mid-summer, usually in late June, teams of four race from Ladybower Reservoir to Hayfield. The teams are designed to be equal ability, so the slowest runner will be in a team with the faster runner etc, and everyone generally returns to the Royal within about 10 minutes of each other.

Sandy Heys Up Hill Time Trial: usually held on a warm sunny evening in August. How fast can you get from Benny's Bridge to the edge path? Slowest runners start first so that everyone finishes close together at the top

The Bigstone Baffler: the Thursday before Christmas sees pairs of folk in fancy dress, carrying (mostly) illuminated batons, running round Bigstone hoping to meet up at key points. Again, the fastest runner will be paired with the slowest to ensure fair competition.